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▪️ED: We have a patient for transfer to MICU. Young male of indeterminate age BIBEMS s/p fall from elevated ledge. No pulse when EMS arrived. Patient was intubated in the field, and ROSC obtained after 6 minutes and 3 doses of Epi.
▪️ICU: How'd he fall?
▪️ED: Fall was unwitnessed, though patient noted to have elfin fascies so possible chromosomal abnormality vs EtOH as eggnog was discovered near the scene and patient found in festive attire. BP now 70/43, HR 106
▪️ICU: Okay. Let's save this kid. Let's start hypothermia protocol and start pressors to support his BP. Something tells me the cold will do him some good...
Just some holiday silliness to lighten the evening. 🤣🤣 Thank you @kristincandelarioo for the hilarious setup!
#elfontheshelfideas #elfontheshelf2018 #micu #tistheseason #elffellofftheshelf

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