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Listen up puppers because I’m only gunna say this once! When teaching a new cue you should only ask for the command ONE time. Do not repeat the command over and over again. Doing so will teach the dog that he/she is allowed to ignore you until she feels like doing whatever it is your asking. For example: you want your dog to sit... you say “sit” wait for the dog to give you the behavior “yes” and treat! If you ask your dog to sit and they do not immediately sit.... then you wait for the behavior to be given. You may have to lure the dog into the sitting position but you should never repeat the command if it is not given. If your dog starts to wander away or loose interest- break out a higher reward treat, redirect (say “free” call the dog over to a different spot- can be a couple steps away or even a room with less distractions) once you have the dogs attention now you can ask for the command and wait for a response!  Let me know in the comments below if you would like to watch a video of me demonstrating this tip! Thank you all for tuning in for training tip Thursday and I hope you all give this post a like and share!!! Talk to you all next week!:) #happyhoundpetsitting #happyhounddogtraining #sit #dogtrainingtips #greyhoundsofinstagram

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