Willow Rosenberg

Every outfit Willow wears on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," in order of appearance. Witness the evolution of a style that was perfect to begin with.

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"Ask for some aspirin." Between drinking Buffy's sugarless lemonade, almost being killed by Spike, and ultimately getting trapped in a closet with a praying Cordelia, Parent Teacher night isn't a pleasant affair for Willow. But you'd never know it from her charming outfit: a pea green empire waist dress with a delicate drawstring ribbon, daisy earrings, a black velvet headband, one of her favorite beaded chokers, and -- most importantly -- plaid green and blue tights. When life gives you lemons, you might not have the sugar to make lemonade, but you can at least drink the bitter lemon juice in style. #lemonade #sugarfree #parentteachernight #empirewaist #headband #choker #drawstring #90s #peril #sunnydalehigh #ambush #buffy #buffythevampireslayer #willow #willowrosenberg #somanyreasonsforaheadache  #aspirinprobabywonthelpbutyoumightaswelltry (S2/E3/"School Hard")

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